Kicks from the boot #33

Dig a new episode of KFTB featuring The Men, De Keefmen,
Acid Baby Jesus, The Dirtys, Detrot Cobras and many more...
Italian boot kick with brand new issues by Vanny Zero,
Piperita Patties, Val Ventura, The Mighties.

The MEN– Open your heart

ACID BABY JESUS – Fingerpainting
THICK SHAKES – Deep pockets
MUDHONEY – Editions of you
The MIGHTIES – Blood veil

SLICES – Slices in the dark
DE KEEFMEN – Anything
GLITTER WIZARD – I don’t like you

VANNY ZERO – American way of lie
DEAD ELVIS and his ONE MAN BAND – Primitive blues
DAN MELCHIOR und DAS MENACE – Carl iz banal
The FUNERALS – Head on backwords

Thee MARVIN GAYS – Gotta go
The CONJUGAL VISITS – Bruised from my hips
VAL VENTURA – Sun down California
PIPERITA PATTIES – Too cool for school

CANDY SNATCHERS – She’s getting loose
The DIRTYS – Born to lose live to win
MOSTROS – Mahara baby

HUNTERS – Deadbeat
The MAXINES – The hunch

2 commenti:

Carlos Pérez ha detto...

Please tell me what's the name of the song that sounds in the introduction, when it hears 'Reality is the strangest fantasy of all...'

Thanks a lot!! Keep up the good work!

Freddi ha detto...

Ray Anthony - Dragnet