Kicks from the boot #2

Go on with the second episode of KICKS FROM THE BOOT,with 5 garage beat punk chunks from Italy (Barbacans,I Bisonti,Peawees,Pikes in panic,I 4 del teschio)and lot of stuff from all around the world.

INTRO- Per un pugno di dollari (Italian trailer)
PEAWEES – Boss hoss
The HANGMEN (Uk) – Whore for the devil

PIKES IN PANIC – Pikeman’s shake
COCOCOMA – Water into wine
BLACKTOP – Tornado love
The OUT CAST – Everything’s alright

I 4 del TESCHIO – Balla balla
Thee  MILKSHAKES – Gallis poll
The CHARMS (Gre)– I’m coming back
The COWSLINGERS - She’ll be mine

I BISONTI – Crudele
BARBACANS – I know you
The LOVE ME NOTS – Voice in my head

The COACHWHIPS – Thee alarm
KING KHAN and the SHRINES – Outta harms way
The NERVEBREAKERS – My girlfriend is a rock
Thee OH SEES – I can’t pay you to disappear
The MORNING AFTER GIRLS – Hidden spaces

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