Kicks from the boot #13 - Italians do it worse

Kicks from the Boot episode 13, don't be superstitious
and get into the italian boot underground of wild garage punk bands.
20 italian boot kicks, all in one show!!


The INDUSTRIES - Little baby (Don't wanna miss it this time)
Le CAROGNE - La ruota gira baby
The TUNAS - Shat my pants

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES - This is not a light
The SUPER BURRITOS - Waiting for the summer end
TAXI - Glad to see you on the ground
JOHN WOO - Negative cars, crashing feelings

The BONE MACHINE - Abbiam portato la birra alla tua festa
VARGIU & The HATERS - O' skreek it up
The COGS - Maybe you could be happy
S.T.P. - S.t.p.

RIPTAPES - Black blues
KIM'S TEDDY BEARS - These boots
HANGEE V - Cherry Lee
TITO & the BRAINSUCKERS - Love for a price

HORMONAS - Ship my soul
The BARSEXUALS - Down south boogie
TWO BO'S MANIAC - Rock chair roll
The BARBACANS - Kick the children

GIOBIA - Come and get me

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