Kicks from the boot #26

The kicks are back! This month some fresh and smellin' firstlings
with Los Explosivos, Fungi Girls, Cynics, Los Tiki Phantoms, Bloodshot Bill.
Italian boot kick by The Infoiatis, Vomit Tongues, Minus Low-Fi,
Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos.
Artwork by Simone Lucciola (check out for artworks and comix here)

The CRYPTICS - You're evil
VOMIT TONGUES - I don't like you

The JACKETS - Get back with you
The CYNICS - Crawl
MINUS LOW-FI - Master and margherita

FUNGI GIRLS - Velvet days
The INFOIATIS - Beat girl 09
SKURKARNA - Clark Syndrome
The JIGGLERS - Walking in the rain

Los TIKI PHANTOMS - Bala de plata
RAY DAYTONA and the GOOGOOBOMBOS - Space time spyral
EROTIC BILJAN and his HERETICS - Devil stole my records
HUMAN EYE - The movie was real

BLOODSHOT BILL - Crazy 'bout the girl
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY and the BROKE OFFS - Hug you, kiss you, squeeze you
The BLACK KEYS - The desperate man
GORIES - Detroit breakdown

COFFIN LIDS - Losin' your mind
RADIO BIRDMAN - You're gonna miss me
The STRAIGHT ARROWS - Something happens
Thee WITCH HAZEL MARTINIS - Dirty secrets
GUN CLUB - Ghost on the highway

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