Kicks from the boot #27

In this episode of Kicks from the Boot: new releases of Jack Oblivians, Cheater Slicks, Shonen Knife!  Spin your head with Baby Woodrose, Rocket from the Tombs, Driving Dead Girls, The Happy Thoughts and many more...
And of course... deadly italian boot kick by Last Killers, Nox,(Allmyfriendzare)DEAD, Port of Souls.
Artwork by Alex Montrasi of Dirty Style Production

PORT of SOULS - Lick my pick
The OUTDOORSMEN - Decapitated

BABY WOODROSE - Chemical Buzz
ROCKET from the TOMBS - I sell soul
LAST KILLERS - Don't fuck my babysitter
PERSIAN CLAWS - Clever way to crawl

PINK REASON -Your girlfriend
ELECTRIC BUNNIES - Rest your head on a cloud while flower petals sprinkle from heavens
NOX - Vulcan'o'faust
The MONSTERS - I'm going away girl

JACK OBLIVIAN - Old folks boogie
HUMAN TRASH - Poison idea
JESUS & The GROUPIES - Family tree

RAYON BEACH - Wave pool ether
CHEATER SLICKS - We all love peanut butter
The WAISTCOATS - You'll never see me again
DRIVING DEAD GIRL - The girl from the room 16

SHONEN KNIFE - Rockaway beach
The 99ers - You can't teach a caveman 'bout romance
(Allmyfriendzare)DEAD - What madonna you want?
The  HAPPY THOUGHTS - One more fish
The POETS - Wooden spoon

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