Kicks from the boot #19

Episode #19! 
Four kicks from CaffeineSoundStudioRecs with The Soul Disciples, 
Backseat Drivers, Human Trash, Jesus & the Groupies.
The Dirtbombs from new "Party Store" on In The Red Recs.
Lovestruck, No Bunny, Cheap Time, Little Killers, and many more.
Italian kicks from The Intellectuals, Plutonium Baby, The Rippers, The Snookys.

SORAIA - Love like voodoo
The DIRTBOMBS - Alleys of your mind

PLUTONIUM BABY - Tokyo lazy lady
LOVESTRUCK - Bitch, slap, attack
NO BUNNY - I am a girlfriend
ZENTRALHEIZUNG of DEATH - 2 girls and 1 cup

SKIPPER - You're so charming
BARE WIRES - Artificial clouds
The INTELLECTUALS - Go to the beach with cinnamon girl

The SOUL DISCIPLES - Am I that man?
BACKSEAT DRIVERS - Certain kind of light
HUMANTRASH - Trash bomb
JESUS & the GROUPIES - Ex-wife number 3

TIDAL WAVES - She's my woman
CHEAP TIME - Glitter & gold
The RIPPERS - Never tried before

The SNOOKYS - Be cruel!
ATOMIC SUPLEX - I know what girls like
The THIRD BARDO - I'm five years ahead of my time

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