Kicks from the boot #9 - Invasion of the monobandas

Episode #9 is dedicated to the One-Man Band underworld, wild and primitive, trashy or traditional, lonesome cowboys or show men, the choice is yours. There's no doubt it is the cry of a man against the world!!

SHERIFF PERKINS OMB (Fra) - Black bowtie
SKIP JENSEN and his SHAKIN' FEET (Can) - Abscond
UNCLE BUTCHER and his OMB (Bra) - No sweat

BBQ (Can) - Hang on
AMAZING ONE MAN BAND (Ur) - Ask her for water
The FABULOUS GO-GO BOY from ALABAMA (Bra) - Do me wrong
TRASH COLAPSO (Arg) - Burning and smoke

GUITAR FUCKER (Sui) - Big trash city blues
KING AUTOMATIC (Fra) - King takes queen
BLOODSHOT BILL (Can) - Been tellin' lies
URBAN JUNIOR OMB (Sui) - Man on the run

The DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE (Ger) - Through the hole
BROTHER GRIFFIN (USA) - Jesus on your dashboard
CHUCK VIOLENCE and his OMB (Bra) - Introducing Chuck Violence

SCOTT H. BIRAM (USA) - Judgement day
HAUNTED GEORGE (USA) - Weeks in a casket
IGUAN WHITE (Bra) - Gray formula
WASTED PIDO (Ita) - Slow down

The LEGENDARY TIGER MAN (Por) - Naked blues
JEFFREY NOVAK'S OMB (USA) - Don't wanna live alone
JOHN SCHOOLEY and his OMB (USA) - One man against the world
KING KHAN and his LONESOME GUITAR (Can) - Ugly women!

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