GaragePunk Surfcast #24

Hosted by Freddi of Kicks from the Boot

Bradipos IV - Freddy the big surfer
The Creepy Creeps - Solid ghoul stomp
The Dead Barons - General ursus
Thom Starr &the Galaxies - Heatwave
The Sentinels - Big surf
The Eliminators - Lonely surf guitar
Fender VI - Highway surfer
Atomic Mosquitos - Planet from outer space
The Deadly Ones - There's a creature in the surfer's lagoon
Burt Rocket - Crypt Surfer
Choads - Depth charge
The Cruncher - Surfin' the cruncher
Astronettes - Firewaters of Alpha Gabba
Messer Chups - Mobile Coffin
The Champs - Twenty thousand leagues
Tremolo Wankers - Death Valley
Newport Nomads - Blue Mallard
The Poor - Skip to Mary J
El Ray - Car hire from hell
The Route 66 Killers - Murder on Beaver St.
The Sidemen - Night boat
I 5 Rizzo - Comin' home baby
I 4 Satelliti - Hava Naghila
Dr. Legume - Vixen Vampira

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