Kicks from the boot #10 - My baby likes scary movies

First Halloween for Kicks from the Boot...
Happy to celebrate it with you, dear monsters and victims...
I know you're not afraid to die,if you're not yet...

The DEFECTORS - I want blood
The URGES - Salvaje
The GOLDSTARS- Halloween hell
LITTLE TIBIA & the FIBIAS - The mummy

HORMONAS - Sexy monster
The TUNAS - Graveyard Mary
DEAD ELVIS and his One Man Grave - Monster under the bed
LORD LUTHER w/ the KINGSMEN - I was a teenage creature
KRISTOFFERSON LEE - Night of the werewolf

SCREAMING LORD SUTCH and the SAVAGES - She's fallen in love with monsterman
SATAN & his DISCIPLES - Mummies curse
TYLER KIP - She's my witch
CALVANES - Horror pictures
DEADLY ONES - It's monster surfing time

FUZZTONES - Jack the ripper
LOST SOUNDS - Ship of Monsters
The HATE BOMBS - Ghoul girl
QUADRAJETS - I wanna be yer zombie
CHEATER SLICKS - Baudelaire's ghost

Q65 - I got nightmares
TARANTULAS - Tarantula
The WYLDE MAMMOTHS - The night is black
The BLUE GIANT ZETA PUPPIES - I married the monster from outer space

GARY WARREN - Werewolf
The DRIVING STUPID - Horror asparagus stories
The APOLLOS - It's a monster
COUNT LORRY & the BITERS - Frankenstein stomp
JOE BYRD & the FIELD HIPPIES - Nightmare train
The GRAVESTONE FOUR - Rigor mortis

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Thanx! So many cool songs! :)